30 Mar 2012

Natural Secret To Remove Acne Scars

- Wash your face with steeping water of betel leaves  2-3 times a day. Its function is to kill acne bacteria.

- Clean your face with star fruit extract mixed with a little salt water. Starfruit is very good for anti-inflammatory and astrigen (shrink large pores because acne).

  - Steam your face with water steeping tea.

- Grease acne scars with a powder of cinnamon sticks blended with honey every night, and wash in the morning.


- Take a little honey and heat until boiling. Let stand until lukewarm, then spread on acne for about 2 hours. Do it every night before sleep. This can also be done to remove the scars of eczema, either in hand or on foot. In addition, if you like fishing and often suffer burns from the sun, spread honey on burns 2 times a day after bath.

 - Do not touch the acne with dirty hands, and most importantly, do not squeeze pimples by hand.

- Always do a facial mask. Especially facial acne due to hereditary factors and allergic to the weather

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